Shutdown and Turnaround Support




High level support during production stops

Novus Sealing offer complete support for turnarounds, plant shutdowns, outages and production stops for industrial companies. This involves the replacement of gaskets for chemical plants, oil refineries, power generation companies and other industrial sectors. Whether it is for emergency repairs or planned shutdowns, Novus Sealing has the management and staff in-house to carry out these services.



In various industrial plants, gaskets are an important component to ensure safe and efficient operation of plant and equipment.  High-grade sealing systems minimize harmful emissions, increase reliability and reduce risk to both plant and personnel.  Novus Sealing can manufacture and supply a complete range of Industrial Flange Gaskets for all processes on industrial plants.

Quick supply

Novus Sealing follows a systematic approach to tackle any kind of factory outage in a disciplined way. The use of gaskets requires a high level of precision and know-how. To reduce the chance of incidents, it is important to be timely and to work with a professional on-site.


Novus Sealing are commited to supporting Australian industry. Our business is built on an understanding of our clients day to day needs, we recognise the need for both quality of product and fast turnaround to support breakdown services and scheduled maintenance. We can advise the most appropriate solutions for your sealing and gasket requirements.

Contact us

Novus Sealing have the capacity to turn urgent orders around quickly and efficiently. Our inhouse and mobile technical support team are available to assist with your enquiry. For more information on how Novus Sealing can help you during a shutdown, please contact our technical team (08) 9455 2155