Fibreglass & Ceramic

Novus Stock a variety of Ceramic Fibre Insulation including: Fibreglass Laddertape, Fibreglass Rope, Fibreglass Cloth, Fibreglass/Ceramic Sheeting.

Ceramic Paper is a new material made from washed ceramic fibers with binders added to form a lightweight, flexible asbestos-free insulation.

Fibreglass tapes are a non-asbestos product, manufactured from “E” Type highly texturised yarns, specially developed for high temperature applications. These tapes are produced from closely woven or knitted yarns, enabling tapes to be produced which retain a high degree of softness and flexibility.

Applications include thermal and electrical insulation; tadpole tape, gasketing, pipe, hose and valve wrapping; furnace and boiler door seals. Fibreglass tapes are resistant to oils, solvents and most chemicals but direct contact with live steam should be avoided.

Ladder Tapes are ideal for use on bolted flanges. Self locating, they are easily fitted over studs or bolts. Graphite Coated Tapes provided superior abrasion and temperature resistance and are ideal for more arduous duties and make good edging and strapping for removable blankets.

Knitted Tapes are ideal for boiler doors, oven window seals by providing greater flexibility, stretch ability and higher strength at high temperatures.

Laminated Tapes are made from knitted tapes and are laminated up to the required thickness.

Self Adhesive Tapes are made from knitted tape with a self adhesive backing. They are quick and easy to install.

Tadpole Tapes can be made from any textile fabric with a rope sewn into the fold. They are perfect for door seals are clamped into place.


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