Novus Sealing HDS-1 Isolating Gaskets/Kits

PRODUCT TYPE: Flange Isolation-Pikotek

Provides the perfect seal, protects flanges, valves and pipelines against corrosion whilst improving safety and reducing the risk of fire.

Dielectric Gasket Material for
Flange Insulation Kits

Novus Flange Insulation Kits are typicallyused on offshore installations, sea water environments, chemical installations, oil refinery pipelines where galvanic corrosion protection and electrical insulation is required.
Novus Flange Insulation Kits are designed for electrical flange insulation. They are used as an
insulator between dissimilar metal flanges or to electrically isolate sections of pipework in
cathodic protection systems, preventing the flow of electrostatic charge along the pipelines.

Kit Contents

Novus Sealing supply three standard types of
Flange Insulation Kits; designed to suit either raised
face, flat faced or ring grooved flange assemblies.

Each kit comprises HDS 1 flange insulating gasket plus the following :
Sleeve choice G11 or Mylar.

  • Two HDS-1 washers per bolt
  • Two plated steel washers per bolt
  • Sleeve choice G11 or Mylar

Now with the unique double layer construction for increased strength, improved sealing reliability and galvanic protection.