Novus Sealing Elastagraph

Our range of exfoliated graphite products are designed for demanding, high temperature applications typical of the petrochemical and refining industries. Manufactured from high purity exfoliated graphite, the product is available with a variety of metallic inserts and combinations. Ultra high purity graphite is available for the nuclear industry and high pressure grades are also available.

Graphite Laminate
Novus TI is a graphite laminate product reinforced with an insertion of tanged 0.10mm thick 316 stainless steel. No adhesive is required to bond the graphite layers to the tanged insert resulting in a sturdy gasket material with excellent mechanical strength.
Novus FI is a graphite laminate material with one or more thin, flat stainless steel 316 insertions. The thickness of the reinforcement is 0.05mm. The graphite sheet is fixed to the insertion by means of a super thin chloride-free adhesive layer. This reinforcement results in a sturdy gasket which is relatively easy to handle and simple to process into gaskets.
Novus S™ Expanded Graphite (without metal insert) Expanded graphite sheets are produced from pure, expanded flexible graphite and do not contain any other fibers or filler materials.
Sigraflex Hochdruck is a Graphite Sealing Sheet with High-Integrity Stainless Steel Foil Reinforcement for Extreme Conditions. This multilayer high-strength sheet material comprises of 0.5 mm thick layers of high-quality graphite foil (type Z) and 0.05 mm thick stainless steel foil.
Novus Graphite Rings are made using Novus S Expanded graphite sheets. Novus S is produced from pure, expanded flexible graphite and does not contain any other fibers or filler materials.