Straub Pipe Couplings
STRAUB-METAL-GRIP is a high-performance coupling suitable for all pipe systems. This coupling is mainly used for building construction or civil engineering, power plants and demanding shipbuilding / offshore applications or as a machinery component.
STRAUB-GRIP-L is the light standard coupling series from STRAUB. It is particularly suitable for lighter pipes within the lower pressure range, e.g. for water and waste water treatment applications, industrial process pipe work and shipbuilding.
The Straub-OPEN-FLEX is available in a number of different versions: jointed, one-piece or two-piece.
STRAUB-FLEX Versatile – connection and compensator in one. The polyvalente, axially flexible coupling for all pipe materials. For gas and water supply, sewage treatment, industrial plants, power plants and shipbuilding. STRAUB-FLEX absorbs noise, vibrations, expansion and contraction.
Easy, safe, fire-resistant – STRAUB-FIRE-FENCE®