Novus Oleonoid (Vegetable Fibre/Oil Jointing)

PRODUCT TYPE: Compressed Fibre Sheet

Novus Oleonoid is a premium quality cellulose fibre based material chemically treated to withstand oils, water, alcohol, grease, gas, petrol and most solvents. Oleonoid is a very economical material and is not suitable for acids, alkalis and steam. Oleonoid should be protected from excessive variations in humidity and temperature to prevent the dimensions from deviating.


  • Automotive Industry
  • Automotive carburettors
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Oil pumps
  • Oil Filters
  • Distributor covers
  • Thermostat
  • Water pump
  • In gearboxes as cover gasket on various inlets and outlets
  • In axles as differential seal

Temperature Range

  • Max operating temperature: 120°C

Thickness Range

Thickness range:

  • 0.15mm to 6.4mm


  • Oleonoid sheet is supplied on rolls of 1 metre width and sold by the metre.