Sureband Steel

PRODUCT TYPE: Flange Guards

SUREBAND STEEL shields use only the highest quality materials. This simple design outlasts all other shield types/materials due to rigorous pressure testing. All 316 ST/ST banding and mesh. Suitable for high pressure and temperature applications. Most important is the internal multi-layered steel mesh, which effectively diffuses pressure releases – thus preventing spray and mist formation. Sureband Steel safety shields are recommended for LNG applications.

More than any other shield in our range, beware of cheap copies without adequate mesh or any form of testing. Our 316 st/st guard is well suited to Steam, Fuel oil, Lube oil, Diesel. All our designs are tested on our hydrostatic pressure test facility, test certificates are available on request.

1. Multi-layered steel mesh
Critical for safety, to avoid spray and unwanted mist formation (which is a consequence of ill-fitting shields with no mesh). The mesh effectively diffuses a pressure release, creating a safe vertical drip.

2. Quick-connection latch
Provides quick and easy fitting & removal without any special tools. This is very useful for harsh environments where gloves, chem-suits and other conditions make installation difficult

3. All 316 stainless steel as standard


For LNG, shield type Sureband Steel is often recommended.

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) projects have numerous applications for safety shields, whether it be the cryogenic LNG process itself, to prevent jet releases, or one of the many other chemicals used. Flangeguards has successfully delivered many thousands of safety shields for LNG applications on projects all around the world. For LNG service, our Sureband-Steel shield is typically used with modification to accommodate a drain point. For other process chemicals, Sureband-Clear is our recommendation.