Cork Gasket Sheets continue to be relied on for making all kinds of gaskets, seals and vibration pads. By combining the unique properties of natural cork with the sealing characteristics of rubber, rubberised cork offers several advantages that other types of sealing material struggle to match. We’ve been working with cork gaskets for decades and appreciate how important the subtle differences between grades can be to seal performance. As a result, we’ve chosen the best performing, most versatile grades which we stock in a wide selection of thicknesses.

Rubberised Cork
Cork rubber products offer many of the advantages of rubber compounds along with the added benefit of controlled compressibility and recovery. The addition of cork granules to the compound helps decrease the amount of flow or creep that occurs in compounds that are only made of rubber,  This also creates a better distribution of load when compression occurs between bolt spans.

Different densities and grades are available which allows for a wide variety of sealing applications from dust covers to industrial applications.
Cork rubber grades are manufactured with a variety of compounds including Neoprene, Nitrile, Acrylic, SBR and Silicone.  This provides the necessary sealing features such as fluid or temperature resistance .
In Electrical Transformers the resistance to the several types of oil commonly used is obviously of primary importance, and the ability to seal small distribution and large power transformers on a long term basis demonstrates the versatility of our materials.

Grades available include:

  • ACN 60 Plus  -  Fuel, Oil, Gas and Transformer Gaskets
  • NP 50 Plus    -   Marine, Hydraulic, Electrical and Transformer gasket with high ozone resistance.
  • MR 31 Plus   -  Highly compressible automotive and -general purpose gasket material with moderate oil resistance.