Flange Guards

Prevent Spray-outs

Generally the most important requirement is to stop a leak from causing damage or injury.Even at low pressure, leakage can result in spray-out.

Avoid oil mist formation

For certain oil and fuel applications, oil mist formation is just as hazardous as a spray-out.Furthermore, ill-fitting safety shields can actually create mist formation.

Provide leak indication

It is important to identify leaks as quickly as possible, though the process will determine the urgency.For certain acid lines, some customers require that flanges must not be concealed. This is achieved using transparent shielding.Alternatively leak indicator patches can be used.For other process liquids, leaks will be self-evident.


Whilst standard safety shield designs generally do not provide secondary containment (indeed there should be a leak path to avoid pressure build up), we can offer special design incorporating drain nipples and a system to channel liquid releases


The specific purpose of the shield may be unique to your site. We have a variety of shield types and materials to solve practically any problem. Please talk with our friendly technical team for further solutions to suit your specific application.